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Monday, June 9th, 2014

Hello Everyone..

It has been a lovely spring. I have had some wonderful gigs both with the Daisy Bowlers and with The Hottest Gentlemen in Jazz. The Arlington has been a very nice venue to sing in, we have had some lovely weddings and a great knees up jazz session in a local pub in Eastwood which I hope to do again soon.
This month The Daisy Bowlers start their residency in Elsie’s place in the Leigh Community Centre which we are all looking forward to. Dave and I have also started our new choir in Thundersley following the success of The Cockleshell Chorus. I have built a simple website for both choirs which for me was a big achievement. Haha!
I am also off to Sicily for a few days with my book club friends. We have been going nearly 8 years now. What a beautiful way to start summer :-)
Hope you are all well .. See you soon I hope
Love Heather xx

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